Saturday, May 25 2019


Ensemble Economique

Ensemble Economique is California-based musician Brian Pyle, who creates music ranging from dark, Shamanic drones to mystical, echo-heavy psych rock to shadow-dwelling goth/darkwave. Active since 2008, he has released numerous albums with such labels as Not Not Fun, Shelter Press, and Hands In The Dark. His newest album, Radiate Through You, something of an expressionist memorial or therapeutic song cycle, is coming out in September 2018 on Denovali Records.

Review Quotes:

'Though Brian Pyle has been prolific in his work as Ensemble Economique – 11 albums in the past 7 years, plus many EPs, cassettes, and split releases – he has yet to make the same record twice...[Blossoms In Red] conjures an atmosphere somewhere between the best Mimi Parker-sung Low songs and the work of Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti on David Lynch’s soundtracks.'
— Pitchfork

VVK (+Gebühr): 8.00 € | AK : 10 €