Saturday, March 24 2018


Membran No. 5

zur 5. Membran bringen wir wieder den Laderaum 1 der MS Stubnitz zum vibrieren!
Das musikalische Kommando uebernehmen:

HELIX (membran hamburg)

CLEARING (membran Hamburg / Schalltrauma)

Auf dem zweiten Floor:
Stubnitz presents: Nitrate / Metrist / Machine Woman / N1L
Wie gehabt koennt ihr an der Bar zu festen Preisen, die dem Erhalt und Betrieb der MS Stubnitz zugute kommen, auftanken.
Eintritt gegen Tanzbereitschaft plus 6 Taler vor 12 Uhr/ 8 Taler nach 12 Uhr, zu entrichten an der Abendkasse.
Wir freuen uns auf nen Haufen feierwuetiger Raver ab 21 Jahren!
Nicht eingeladen sind Poser, Rassisten, Sexisten etc.!

entrance fee:8

Stubnitz presents: Nitrate / Metrist / Machine Woman / N1L

Stubnitz welcomes you to a Night of contemporary Clubmsic feat.
Nitrate (CH)

Metrist (UK)

Machine Woman (UK/RU)

N1L (LV)
entrance fee:8

Nitrate (CH)

Since the last Year, Film- and Vinyl- Enthusiast Nitrate is bombarding the Internet from her homebase Zürich with a massive Output of finest selected Mixes on various Platforms such as Red Light Radio Adam, Paranoise Radio, Threnes Mixseries etc. alongside regular appearances at underground Parties in her hometown and beyond.

Metrist (UK)

Brighton-based Producer/Soundartist/DJ Metrist aka L.SAE just released his new EP 'Spoils' on Where To Now? on Feb 5th:
'Extremely broken and discombobulated Techno' RA

VERSCHOBEN: Machine Woman (UK/RU)

When Lobster Comes Home As Machine Woman, Anastasia Vtorova records gritty experimental
techno, lacing minimal rhythms with distortion and bizarre effects. Her music is reflective of the
ecstasy of nightlife as well as the loneliness of spending nights in solitude, and her sly sense of
humor is evident in track titles like 'If Actress Was an Actress' and 'But It Was Like 30 Intros in a
Row' (based on a negative response to one of her performances). Originally from St. Petersburg,
Russia, she attended university in London and played in various punk and noise groups.
Eventually she got tired of being in bands and started making solo electronic music, but she
maintained a rebellious, convention-defying spirit with her work. She released a few tapes of
experimental music starting in 2014, and her debut vinyl EP, For Sweden, was issued by Peder
Mannerfelt's eponymous label in late 2015, by which point she had relocated to Berlin. Her most
club-friendly release to date, Genau House, was issued by Where to Now? in 2016. In 2017, a
Machine Woman remix of Illum Sphere's track 'Paradise' was released by Ninja Tune, and the
label's Technicolour imprint issued her third vinyl EP, When Lobster Comes Home, featuring the
lead track 'Camile from Ohm Makes Me Feel Loved.”
Artist Biography by Paul Simpson


N1L (LV)

N1L is the solo moniker of Martins Rokis, the sound artist and producer currently based in Berlin, Germany.He has worked with visuals and sonics in different contexts/forms, exploring multimodality of human perception via installations, performances and compositions for multichannel sound systems.
As N1L he intersects his eclectic influences and backgrounds with genre fluid club music,
abstract sound design,noir psychedelia and intense alien soundscapes.
So far he has released on UIQ, Where To Now records and W - I.
Latest activities include sound track for contemporary dance piece 'Neverendings' by Sergiu Matis, performance in Berlin Atonal festival and remix for the multimedia artist E. Jane aka Mhysa.
'N1L lurches back into cranky post-techno action with the Ikea Zen EP: six tracks of deviant, obtuse dance music that brings the future to heel with X amount of noise and abstract funk.' (UIQ )



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